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Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable is designed to control your customer’s shipped invoices. The decisions you make regarding credit terms, collection procedures and customer credit limits must be based on real time information. PartsHandler is an open item receivable system for invoice maintenance and collection. Cash receipts can be applied to specific invoices, oldest balance or placed on account. A complete service charge procedure with provision for manual intervention and decisions is available. There are reports and/or screen presentations available to the accounting office for cash planning, collections, age analysis, customer reconciliation and transaction analysis. The Accounts Receivable module is fully integrated with the Order Entry module.

System Features:

  • Optional Branch or Head Office centered control.
  • Processing of invoices to the ship-to-addresses or the head office address.
  • On-line inquiry to individual invoices, customer information, transaction history and credit terms information.
  • Customer master records contain an abundance of information.
    • Static information example name and address.
    • Control data example credit limit, terms, account charge type.
    • Analytical control fields example user specific flags, salesman, home branch.
    • Multi customer discount levels.
    • Customer sale totals.
  • Control customer credit using credit limits and/or invoice days past due.
  • Inquiry to status of invoice giving totals and running balance due.
  • Online real time invoice aging during customer inquiry and cash application.
  • Automatic calculation of prompt pay discounts and due dates based on pre-set customer terms with an optional override at the time of entering an invoice.
  • Create invoice register, bank deposit register, sale and receipt journals for a complete accounting audit trail.
  • Collection and reporting of sales, taxes, payment methods.
  • Reports and inquiries available as either hard copy or terminal output or both.
  • Partial receipt processing as well as on account and oldest balance.
  • Prompt pay discount override.
  • Prepare Open item or Balance forward customer A/R statements.
  • Processing of statements and collections to either the ship-to-address or the head office address.
  • Individual customer control regarding service charges and preparation of statements.
  • Customer Identification to Division, Area and Type categories for label writing, catalogue distribution and sales analysis sequencing.
  • Collection and reporting of sales representative commissions.
  • Customer defined charge account or cash sale account.
  • Automatic finance charge processing.
  • Note pad recording by customer master.
  • Cash application by open item processing or oldest balance.
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