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Electronic Catalog

PartsHandler's eCatalog interface has been written to assist your counter personnel in finding the correct part for a specific automotive application. The right part at the current price, quick and easy, no more paper catalogs. The information you need is in the PartsHandler and it is at your finger tips. The eCatalog will give your counter staff the information they need to close that sale.

System Features:

  • PartsHandler interfaces to the WHI Part Select catalog using eCatalog JX.
  • During order entry or a real time inquiry tool, eCatalog will assist your counter staff to serve your customers.
  • Electronic Catalog:
    • Access Part Lookup by:
      • Year, Make, Model, Engine.
      • Previous Vehicles history.
      • Vehicle ID#.
    • Select application by:
      • Group
      • Sub Group
  • Part Display screens give you the following online real time data.
    • Part Description from catalog.
    • Part Description from PartsHandler.
    • Customer List price.
    • The Garage's purchase price. (your price)
    • Core price.
    • Available inventory.
    • Product pictures. (Available in PartsHandler 11.0)
    • Alternate parts available.
    • Add to cart function key F8.
    • Next page / Previous page buttons.
    • Function key access:
      • On Order information.
      • Multi location availability.
      • Alternates.
      • Inventory movement history. ( Cardex )
      • Product sales history by month.
    • Update lost sales information.
    • Order review and maintenance.
  • Real time Order entry interface available:
    • Add selected parts from the catalog display directly to your customer order.
    • Information about the vehicle is loaded to the order.
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