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General Ledger

The General Ledger module is the focal point for all transactions generated by the other PartsHandler modules. Here, the transactions are accumulated by Company and Sub-system. This data can be reported and balanced before the transactions are automatically integrated into QuickBooks or any other book keeping system. The General Ledger integration module uses XML to transfer data between PartsHandler and the third party G/L book keeping system. Once the transactional data has been loaded, you will be able to generate financial reports from QuickBooks or your existing financial system. This integration strategy adds a whole new dimension of reporting capability to PartsHandler. The inherent user definable account number cross reference allows for the adaptation of PartsHandler to an existing account number structure or for a redefinition to a more suitable account structure, without the need for any program changes.

System Features:

  • GL integrated with all other PartsHandler modules.
  • Transactions are coded and identified by source type.
  • Transactions are transferred to the General Ledger book keeping in summary and stored in PartsHandler in detail.
  • Inquiries and reporting of General Ledger transactions.
  • Transaction audit and balancing.
  • Inquiries and reporting of specific account or a range of accounts.
  • Multiple and independent company processing.
  • Inter branch postings are automatically generated.
  • Bank deposit integration is available.
  • PartsHandler GL control is very flexible. Your financial controller will setup the integration between PartsHandler and your GL book keeping system without programming changes.
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