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Inventory Control

Inventory Control allows you to manage and fine tune the most crucial asset of your business, your inventory.

Using online display panels the system will monitor the inventory in a warehouse and using our Digital Cardex feature you will be able to track what has happened in the past. This module is fully integrated with Point of Sale, order processing, purchasing and inventory transfer.

With real time data on all your inventory, PartsHandler will help you stock less and sell more.

System Features:

  • Multiple branch design. The inventory control module allows for several thousand branch locations.
  • Product master records contain an abundance of information.
    • Static information example base prices, product description UPC code.
    • Purchasing control data.
    • Analytical control fields example user specific flags.
  • The Product Location master records contain an abundance of information.
  • Standard costing or average landed costing available
  • Multiple product lookup fields available.
  • Allow for product sort sequence by manufacture’s part number, this feature is control by the line code.
  • 60 character product descriptions.
  • Comment lines allow for storage of item specific notes or technical specifications.
  • Maintain up to twelve price levels per part.
  • Pricing per vendor packing unit of measure. Example per hundred or per thousand.
  • Unit of measure and vendor conversion factors.
  • Foreign language product description file.
  • Alternate product and supersession logic available.
  • Physical inventory module available.
  • Automatic inventory replenishment module available.
  • A B C D code designation available.
  • Minimum / Maximum stock replenishment available.
  • Inter-branch inventory transfer system.
  • On-line product inquiry into product sales history, open purchase orders, receiving history, inventory balance on hand audit panel.
  • Product sales history by branch location.
  • Product sales dollars, margin dollars, and units by customer.
  • Product customer pricing by discount matrix.
  • Contract customer pricing.
  • Product note pad information.
  • Track lost sales.
  • Inventory movement history.
  • Track Cores in inventory.
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