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Purchase Order Control

Purchasing product at the right time, in the proper quantity and at the best price can be a major factor in determining the success of your business. The Purchaser Order Control system is designed for the entry, authorization and maintenance of pro-formas and purchase orders, from the time of creation, to the receipt of the product.

System Features:

  • Integrated with inventory control to accept either automatic pro-formas for buyer approval or provide the buyer with an on-line inquire/review process for the purchasing decisions.
  • Multiple warehouse control when used with the inventory control module.
  • On-line Purchase Order & Status inquiries with hardcopy printout options for inquiry or expediting.
  • Standard or custom form for purchaser order.
  • Automatic transmission of P.O. to supplier via EDI 850.
  • Automatic transmission of P.O. to supplier via dial-up communications or FTP to vendor's computer.
  • Multiple ship dates per line item on a purchase order.
  • Allows inquiry and reporting of all received materials.
  • Immediate processing of receipts and purchase orders.
  • Automatic generation of back-orders for partial receipts.
  • Tracks and calculates new lead times by product.
  • Maintains landed average inventory cost or standard cost.
  • Maintains last purchase price.
  • Accepts received, back ordered and cancelled entries at time of receipt of materials.
  • Prints receiving register.
  • Reprints a P.O. as requested and all back ordered P.O.’s.
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