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Price Update Module

PartsHandler has been designed to allow you to update your pricing with flexibility and ease. We understand that loading prices as soon as possible keeps your business competitive. PartsHandler assists you in taking the data from different formats and making the data readable by PartsHandler.

System Features:

  • Build price update records from your existing product master file.
  • Price updates can be provided through services such as Nu-Way.
  • Price updates can be loaded from your warehouse distributor’s files. The input file format may be one of the following:
    • Fixed length ASCII file. Predetermined data layout.
    • Comma delimited flat file.
    • Tab delimited flat file.
  • Very flexible mapping to extract specific data from the price update files.
  • The updated prices can be stored on your system.
    • Updates can be reviewed and modified on your system.
    • Updates can be bulk changed and recalculated.
    • On an effective date the updates are loaded.
  • PartsHandler allows for the updating of both inventory records and pricing records.
  • Other information from the price file may be loaded if you wish.
    • Example unit of measure or product description.
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