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Sales Analysis

Sales Analysis has been designed to assist you in identifying issues and trends. PartsHandler records this critical information at many levels warehouse/store location, product line code, part number, customer, invoice, sales rep. and counter personnel.

PartsHandler’s Sales Analysis module will analysis your key profit variables. The sales statistics are automatically captured by month and can be retained for as long as you find necessary. Customer sales are also recorded for current-month-to-date, current-year-to-date, last month and last year showing sales, margin and returns. This then makes available a wide range of reports, both during the month, at month-end and as statistical reporting on demand. Each report has the capability of being generated for specific ranges on many different data fields.

System Features:

  • Create online sales analysis panels.
  • Define your own sort selections for each report.
  • Daily gross profit registers.
  • Gross profit register by any date range.
  • Rebate reports available.
  • Sales commission reports.
  • Detail or Summary reports available.
  • Displays current or previous month information.
  • Display twelve month trend or year to date and last year data.
  • Sales, Margin and Margin % available.
  • Returned sales and return % of sales.
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