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System Administration

System administration has been designed to allow a system administrator to build and maintain their own PartsHandler system. The system administrator will control the features of PartsHandler being used within their company. PartsHandler’s user security and logging will control and track user activity. Some of the features of this area are listed below. Although total deployment and security is controlled by your administrator, you will want to understand all of the possible choices in each section. Our professional installation team will assist you with your PartsHandler inventory management software choices.

System Features:

  • Multi User system, each user has a Login and Password.
  • PartHandler is a server based application; a single PartsHandler system controls your entire business network.
  • Define menu security by User Id or Terminal number.
  • Custom build menu driven system.
  • Order entry defaults by user.
  • Function key driven to speed up processing transactions.
  • Create custom daily and month end batch job files.
  • Automatic report routing and spooling control module.
  • Online help.
  • Online report viewer.
  • Print file maintenance program.
  • ODBC interface to PartsHandler data files.
  • Create standard program requests.
  • Menu and Program logging, both online and batch processing.
  • Control file driven to customize your PartsHandler business solution.
  • Real time editing and verification done at point of entry.
  • PartsHandler has an integrated mail system.
  • Master file templates are used to add Parts and Customers to save key strokes when adding a record.
  • Reports provide both standardization and flexibility in the information displayed.
  • Electronic Catalog setup program to customize your product display.
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