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Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable module is designed to process customer invoices either as shipped orders from the Order Entry module or as invoices input directly to the Accounts Receivable module. It is an open item system of invoice maintenance and collection, including complete monthly recurring invoice processing. Cash receipts can be processed to individual invoices, on account or oldest balance. Also provided is a complete service charge procedure with provision for manual intervention and decisions. 

This module updates the reporting data used by the Sales Analysis module to provide a wide range of reports for sales, margins and costs. There are reports and/or screen presentations available to the accounting office for cash planning/collections, age analysis, customer reconciliation and transaction analysis. The module is fully integrated with the General Ledger, Order Entry, Inventory Control and Sales Analysis modules, and yet capable of being implemented as a stand alone module. Both stock and non-stock items can be processed, with complete flexibility to override all default costs, selling prices, extensions and account distribution codes.

System Features:

Optional Branch or Head Office centered control
Provision to enter invoices and print on company stationary (some or all of the invoices entered)
Processing of invoices to the ship-to-addresses or the head office address
On-line inquiry to individual invoices, customers, transaction history and collection/terms information
Inquiry to status of invoice chain (multiple invoices with same invoice number but different series or subscripts) giving totals and running balance due, optionally includes outstanding orders in Order Entry module
Automatic calculation of discounts and due dates based on pre-set customer terms with an optional override at the time of processing the invoice
User entered and/or automatic distribution of sales to multiple GL accounts and project codes
Provision for inventory maintenance from either the Order Processing or Accounts Receivable modules
Preparation of invoice register, bank deposit register, sale and receipt journals and recurring invoice register for a complete accounting audit trail
Collection and reporting of sales, taxes, duty, freight and other charges by branch and province
Reports and inquiries available as either hard copy or terminal output or both
Multiple bank and receivable account designations 
Partial receipt processing as well as on account and oldest balance
Prompt pay discount override
Preparation and printing of statements
Processing of statements and collections to either the ship-to-address or the head office address
Individual customer control regarding service charges and preparation of statements
Customer Identification to Division, Area and Type categories for label writing, catalogue distribution and sales analysis sequencing
Collection and reporting of sales representative commissions
Multiple and independent client processing
User defined charge of accounts structure
Automatic service charge processing 
Note pad recording by customer master, or accounts receivable customer master.
Customer to do list processing
Online credit management module, and Dunning letter processing
Cash application by open item processing
Accounts Receivable module will support foreign currency processing
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