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General Ledger

The General Ledger module is the focal point for all transactions generated by the other Interact modules. Here, the transactions are summarized to the period, identified as current period and stored as year-to-date detail. This data, in combination with the financial report generator, adds a whole new dimension of reporting capability to the GL system, over and above the standard reports. With the financial report generator, the user can define and produce financial reports and statements to meet the needs and demands of their particular business. 

There are also a variety of terminal display inquiries into account balances and specific account details. The inherent user definable account number structure allows for the adaptation of "InTerAct" to an existing account number structure or for a redefinition to a more suitable account structure, without the need for any program changes. 

The GL module can also be used as a stand alone system driven by general journal entries and recurring journal processing.

System Features:

Ability to enter balanced entries to prior periods.
Enforced by journal number zero balance by period before posting
Transactions are coded and identified by source type
Transactions are transferred to the General Ledger on either a summary or detail basis as determined by the user on an account-by-account designation
YTD transactions are optionally retained in summary or detailed form, organized by period within year
MTD transactions are isolated for reporting and evaluating
Either 12 or 13 accounting periods supported
Direct journal entries
Recurring journal entries
Budget, current year and last year data supported (option for 5 year retention)
Inquiries and reporting of current month, YTD and budget information by a specific account or a range of accounts
Multiple and independent client processing
GL integrated with all other “InTerAct” modules
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Financial Report Generator:

Free form report definition (down the page) to accomplish spacing, account selection, calculation print options and more
Free form column definition (across the page) to accomplish variable period content (mtd, ytd, quarter, other) by column as well as account selection
Standard 6 column reporting with 13 column option assuming availability of 244 character variable pitch printer
Up to 9 levels of accumulation with complete printing and totaling control
Calculations, including adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing
Percents per column (actual as % of budget etc.)
Ability to reference lines from any record for consolidation and calculations
Variable headers and disclaimers
Reports, once defined, an be cloned by varying aspects of the account number i.e. branch, division, cost centre, etcetera to allow specific reporting
Vertical allocations with the total preceding or following allocation
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