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Order Processing

The sales order entry, maintenance, pricing and inquiry/information features are significantly more sophisticated than most systems today. The tools available provide the ability to increase sales through associated selling, additional quantity breaks, and other products purchased last time, “special” lists etcetera. 

Order entry clerks using these tools coupled with training and incentives can put telemarketing to work for you and improve sales quotas. These features combined with the order entry and inventory control capabilities provide a truly in-depth solution to improve customer service and improve market share. It is fully integrated with Accounts Receivable, Sales Analysis, Inventory Control, General Ledger and the Purchase Order modules.

The Order Entry module is designed for quick and efficient entry and maintenance of sales orders, shipping information and the printing of picking slips, waybills and invoices, as well as a product inquiry and order quoting system and is directed at improving customer service.

 System Features:

Ability to enter balanced entries to prior periods.
Additional discounts
Multiple branch processing
Online order entry or Batch file interface process (EDI 850)
Ability to locate customer by name, phone, customer number, customer contract, address
Customer shipping address override during order entry
Customer special shipping instructions override during order entry
26 character customer purchase order number
Requested ship date logic
Immediate credit review capability, if authorized to do so release an order currently being held by credit
Access the product file by manufacturer part, abbreviations, catalogue page and line, product class and product description
Provision to enter order items by Customer Part Number
Allow for parts with sell to zero on hand logic (X – discontinued, R – recalled, O – obsolete)
Individual user configuration tables
Customers setup accept or reject backorders and substitutes, priced or not priced pick tickets
Product Pricing by customer contract, special product prices, by customer and product class
Quantity available for sale this warehouse and all warehouses/branches
Selling and cost price override
Superceded and substitute logic
Backorder logic by product at pick ticket and reconciliation time
Supports a single level Bill of Material
Core extensions (selling and cost)
Core credit with order (core exchange)
Core credit as a separate order
Enter special instructions for a line item and an order header
Order with freight charges
Order with freight charges with comments
Immediate or batch pick slip generation 
Counter sales capability (immediate invoice)
Enter an order with a deposit amount
On account deposit processing from within order entry
Online tax calculation processing
Special order types:
Ship direct orders - another branch to ship direct to my customer
Drop shipments - a vendor to ship direct to my customer
Special buy – stock or non-stock part entry to be purchased and ship to customer
Inter-branch transfers - another branch to ship to my branch for me to re-ship to my customer
Designated ship complete for a line, group of lines, or entire order
Pick ticket printer routing by branch
Reconcile pick tickets, online or using a freight system interface file
Add freight and miscellaneous charges with a comment at time of order entry or reconciliation
Recall customer/part purchase history & profitability
Recall all outstanding or history orders by customer
Display current open purchase orders
Display product available by warehouse
Display freight PIN numbers
Serial number entry
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Salesman Commission Reports
Daily sales reports
Daily booking reports
Month-to-date order booking reports
Open order age analysis, detail by invoice and line item, summary by invoice and customer
Open order demand analysis 
Customer/product fill rate reports
Picker/shipper productivity reports
Warehouse management reports
Reports have multiple sequence options and are generally available in detail or summary form as well as supporting ranging on various controls to allow reporting of only particular information segments
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