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Warehouse Management

The Warehouse Management module has been designed as an optional extension to the Inventory Control module. This module allows for multiple slot tracking of inventory, it is the ultimate control and tracking of inventory within a warehouse. This module is fully integrated with all other modules of "InTerAct".

 System Features:

Supports multiple slot locations within each warehouse for each product
Supports product to slot type relationship
Provides for cube/pallet control by slot location
User definable slot locations based on type and traffic patterns
Automatic slot numbering strategy based on zone, range and type definition
Supports easy inquiry by slot location or by product
Integrated to order entry, inventory and purchase order modules
Supports slot-to-slot transfer
Supports physical inventory for multi-slot warehouse
Report or inquiry, identifying all empty locations 
Daily activity report on number of lines to be picked and number of picks to be performed as well as analysis by picker for productivity purposes
Location/slot adjustment ability
Cycle count ability by aisle or range of locations -locking inventory in these locations temporarily
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Receiving Process:

Ability to receive on an immediate basis up to 10 P.O.’s at one time
Receive up to 6 line items per screen in full paging function
Provides system assigned put away based on type, cube, velocity and available space based on proximity to pick slot
Allows for user override of put away location
Supports “receiving bay” process for outstanding back orders
Supports label printing for pallet and/or carton in bar code or standard format
Provides lot number and expiry date control
Allows for multiple products per pallet
Put away logic based on palletizing received quantity, topping up pick slot then filling up backup slots prior to assigned a brand new slot
Supports perishable goods on FIFO rotation basis
Supports rolls (steel/paper)
Put away based on velocity, ensuring fast moving items get preferred locations
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Warehouse Picking Process:

Supports multiple picking strategies such as order, customer, bulk, etcetera
Supports perishable item processing through oldest first picking strategy
Pick slot management with letdowns (floating pick concept or fixed pick)
Broken master pack handling with letdowns 
Flow rack handling with letdowns
Can reconcile pick documents with up to 18 lines per page
Specific line change modifications at reconciliation
Supports whole skid picking
Allows for hold locations, sell as a last resort
Allows for refurbished location, for warrantee work, filling customer returns from here first
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